Customer Care Policy

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Physical Access

Provide clean, accessible offices that comply with occupational & safety standards.


  • Provide information that is clear, timely, complete, accurate at defined point of contact.
  • Continue the drive for easily understood forms, information leaflets & procedures.
  • Translate signs & forms into other languages as required.

Timeliness & Courtesy

  • Deliver quality services with courtesy, sensitivity & minimum delay.
  • Give contact names in all communication to ensure ease of all ongoing transactions.

Internal Customer

  • Develop appropriate facilities, support structures & communication channels to recognize, support & respond to internal queries
  • Ensure staff are recognised as internal customers & that they are afforded equivalent courtesy, facilities & level of service as external customers.


Ensure Customer Loyalty

  • Customer Care Complaints – System may not function as well as expected. Alpha Group will therefore maintain an accessible, transparent & user friendly customer complaints procedure for all our clients who are dissatisfied with the quality of service.
  • Alpha Group will endeavour to learn from its mistakes


Explore Group Opportunities

Better co-ordination

  • Implementation of CRM in order to foster a more coordinated and integrated approach.


Identify Service Gaps & Bring Corrective Measures

Consultation & evaluation

  • Promote meaningful customer involvement in the planning, implementation & evaluation of our services using customer panels, customer satisfaction surveys & other innovative approaches
  • Use regular feedback from our contract managers & customer service executives who are in the field and in direct contact with our client